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Signal Hill Rd, Signal Hill, Cape Town


Enjoy an exhilarating tandem paragliding flight from Signal hill or Lions head. It is by far probably one of the most exciting adventure sports in Cape Town.

No other activity would let you enjoy spectacular panoramas of the Table Mountain, the City Bowl with no windows to block your view! No matter how nervous you might feel before take off, the experienced team will put you at ease.
Once you are in the air, enjoy a birds eye view of one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

We always meet at the very end of Signal hill drive, once you get to the parking area you will be welcomed by our take off manager Witness, signed up and briefed on the launch. Once you’re securely clipped in, all you need to do is take a few light steps before you’re flying! With an expert pilot behind you, you will feel just great!

Tandem paragliding gives you an amazing sense of freedom. Once in the air, most people are surprised at how relaxed they feel. You’ll sit comfortably upright (like on your sofa at home). You won’t feel like you’re sinking or falling at all, since you glide, nearly horizontally, through the air at around 40 km/hr.

In optimal weather conditions you even have the chance to fly the paraglider yourself! Your instructor will place his hands above yours to show you how to steer. It really is quite simple and really, really fun! This, like the aerobatics before landing, are completely optional of course!

Our flight planning is 100% weather dependant and we have become experts at judging weather. Our pilots study 6 – 12 different wind and weather websites every morning, for a full accurate weather assessment. This means there is no time wasting or unnecessary delays. Trust us and we will give you a safe experience to remember forever! If we reschedule or ask you to come a little later, it’s for a good reason.

Flight generally last between 12 and 15 minutes. The hole process from arrival, briefing, payment and clipped in will take up to 1 hour.

Paragliding Tandem Flight: R1300pp Paragliding Tandem Flight with Pictures & Videos: R1600 Paragliding Tandem Flight with Videos & 360 Degree Virtual reality (VR) Camera footage uploaded unedited + Free Clothing Gift- R2000per person Return Shuttle – R200 for the first person, R100 pp thereafter In Flight Footage – R300

This service is available all year round 7 days a week, weather dependent.

WE ALWAYS MEET AT THE VERY END OF SIGNAL HILL ROAD at the parking place when we are flying in Cape Town (Not the Lions Head parking place). Meet with staff in orange t-shirts.

Please bring sensible, good, closed shoes (running shoes/trainers/sneakers/takkies – whatever you like to call them). Mountain and hiking boots are even better. Any kind of sandal, Croc, flip flop, flopflip, or anything that flips or flops is NOT good. If you don’t have closed shoes, just tell us and we have every sized shoe with us (from little feet to BIGFOOT!).Clothing-wise, wear shorts if its hot, but generally Jeans and a T-shirt with a windbreaker is the best bet. We include everything needed for the flight (helmets and all flying equipment) as well as water, suntan lotion, snacks and refreshments. Naturally, it’s best is to drink lots of water and use that suntan lotion before arriving.

Sun-block (sunscreen) and hat (it’s often sunny and we don’t want you getting sunburned!) and drinking water!

Can wait on Sea Point promenade to see guest land or can wait at jump site on pavilion waiting for guest return.

You require no previous knowledge of the sport at all. We are disabled and pet-friendly; having taken wheelchair-bound paraplegics, blind and deaf folks, ages 3 to 95 years old.
Good walking shoes
Minimum Age – 3 years
Minimum Height – 0.5 m
Maximum Height – 2.5 m
Maximum Weight135.0 kg
Certification, Experience, Licences not applicable

Live commentary on board from one of our experienced paragliding pilots One-way shared transfer back to the take off area from the landing Fly with a very experienced pilot behind you, giving you a great sense of security! Tailor-make the flight to your wishes so you’re sure to get a personalized flight and service

R300 HD photos and videos(available to purchase in cash on arrival)

Two of the most important things to remember: listen to the instructions of the pilot, and have total confidence in his experience. We will get in contact with you on the day to update you about weather conditions.